No Place Like Home...for Recovery After Total Joint Replacement

Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists’ Heal@Home Program Provides Same Day Total Joint Replacement Surgery with No Hospitalization at a Safe, Dedicated Surgical Center


Heal@Home Patient Thomas Day walking within an hour of total hip replacement surgery performed by Dr. Thomas Vikoren at Bucks County Surgical Suites on May 11, 2020.

When elective surgeries were halted in March, pain endured for countless patients in need of joint replacement surgery. However, the ban on elective surgeries in Pennsylvania as lifted on April 27 and the surgeons at Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists (BCOS) have resumed their trail-blazing Heal@Home same day total joint replacement program at a dedicated, state-of-the-art surgical center miles away from any hospital.

“At a time when people are apprehensive about going to a hospital for elective procedures, we are proud to offer a safe, free-standing location for same-day total joint replacement that is outside of the hospital environment, yet maintains the highest-standard of technology and patient care,” says Joseph Fuchs, the administrator of Bucks County Surgical Suites (BCSS) in Warrington, PA. “Our doctors and staff are following the strictest guidelines from Governor Wolf and the CDC to ensure the health and safety of our patients.”

BCOS surgeons, in partnership with BCSS, are pioneers in bringing same-day total joint replacement surgery to the area. In fact, they were the first ambulatory surgery center in Eastern Pennsylvania approved to do the surgery. “Advances in surgical methods of total joint replacement surgery allow us to restore mobility and blood flow faster than traditional techniques and have paved the way for same day surgery,” explains Dr. Thomas Vikoren, who specializes in knee and hip replacements for BCOS and is the medical director for Bucks County Surgical Suites.

Results are nothing short of spectacular. “Our patients are in by 8:00am, walking with assistance within an hour of surgery, and back in their own homes by the afternoon,” Dr. Vikoren says. “"We have had an outstanding track record of providing excellent outcomes and reducing the risk of complications, in large part due to the very clean and modern environment of the surgical center."

Utilizing the surgical center, the Heal@Home program allows patients to avoid hospitalization, which is now more appealing than ever before. “We provide a safe hospital environment, away from the hospital,” explains Fuchs. “Our surgical center is dedicated solely to outpatient surgical procedures. Every staff member is tested for coronavirus regularly and every patient is tested prior to surgery. Personal protective equipment (PPE) and intense sanitation protocols are in place to protect our patients and staff alike.”

The Heal@Home Program means there is no need to wait for necessary total joint replacements. In fact, waiting could be detrimental. “There is a growing body of medical literature that shows putting off total joint replacement leads to muscle atrophy and health decline," shares Dr. Vikoren. "Patients with sufficient arthritis related pain are much better off pursuing joint replacement sooner rather than later, before they lose vigor and strength.”

Heal@Home is fast, safe, and available, making it possible to end chronic pain, restore vitality, and quite literally…heal at home.

For more information contact Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists at 215-348-7000.


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