First Computer-Assisted Total Knee Replacement Performed at Doylestown Hospital

Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists (BCOS) is proud to announce that Dr. Joshua Steere has successfully completed the first computer-assisted total knee replacement surgery at Doylestown Hospital. This technological innovation is a strong step forward in improving safety and accuracy for patients with complex knee arthritis.

“No two knee replacements are exactly alike,” says Dr. Steere, an orthopedic surgeon who joined BCOS after completing his residency at University of Pennsylvania and his fellowship at Stanford University. “A successful surgery relies on careful preoperative planning to understand each patient’s anatomy. The goal is a properly aligned limb where the new knee lines up with the hip and the ankle joints. Computer-assisted surgical instruments can increase accuracy in complicated cases.”

During knee replacement surgery, metal implants replace damaged cartilage surfaces in the knee. In a conventional knee replacement, measuring guides align the implants to ensure the replacement is straight and functional. “There are some challenging situations, however, in which these guides cannot be used easily or may not be accurate,” says Dr. Steere.

“Many patients could benefit from computer-assisted knee replacement,” he continues. “In patients with prior fractures, for example, there can be anatomic changes that make it difficult to use conventional measuring guides. Other examples include patients with rods or screws inside the thigh bone, those with curvature of the bones due to developmental changes in childhood, or patients with dense calcifications or lesions in the thigh bone. Computer-assistance can greatly improve precision and safety in knee replacement for these patients.”

In computer-assisted knee replacement, wireless instruments communicate with computer software in real-time during surgery. The measurements obtained are then used to match the alignment of the knee replacement to the patient’s unique anatomy. “One of the biggest advantages to this method is that it may reduce the need for additional surgeries to remove hardware that would otherwise block conventional alignment guides,” explains Dr. Steere.

“Computer-assistance can make a complex case more straightforward,” says Randall Gross, the CEO of BCOS. “Using the latest technology to improve patient’s lives is the hallmark of our practice. Dr. Steere’s initiative and skill in bringing computer-assisted total knee replacement to Doylestown Hospital embodies this mission and we couldn’t be more proud of his achievement or more excited to offer this innovation to our patients.”

If you have joint pain or would like to learn more about joint replacement, contact Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists at 215-348-7000.


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