Hosting a Dinner Party the Same Day as Your Total Knee Replacement?

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That’s exactly what Barbara Marozzi did after she had her total knee replacement surgery with Dr. Charles Burrows of BCOS.

Barbara had experienced knee issues after tripping and falling on it while running. She went to see Dr. Charles Burrows who diagnosed her with a torn meniscus and arthritis and was able to manage the condition with cortisone injections over the next five years. However, as often happens, the treatment became less effective over time and the pain grew worse.

Dr. Burrows recommended a total knee replacement and discussed the option of having the surgery done on a same day, outpatient basis. Before the surgery, not only did Barbara go through “pre-hab” to strengthen her muscles before surgery, but she also went grocery shopping so she could have dinner ready when she returned home.

Feeling great after surgery, she held a dinner party with family, friends, and even the home health nurse and therapist who were there to help accelerate her recovery. “I truly appreciated the care that I received at home. It’s better than in the hospital because we were one on one,” shares Barbara. In four weeks, she was back at work. When people ask about her knee, she happily shares that she doesn’t even think about it anymore.

Another patient of Dr. Burrows had a similar experience: David Roberts was an avid hiker had experienced issues with both knees—with his left knee suffering severe pain for two years. When he finally sought medical attention, he was diagnosed with a serious meniscus tear and progressive degenerative arthritis.

Like Barbara, David ultimately decided to undergo total knee replacement after the cortisone injections became ineffective. When it came time to choose a surgeon, David used all his “insider’s knowledge” as a health care consultant to thoroughly research the procedure and to evaluate several different surgeons. Ultimately, he decided to go with Dr. Charles Burrows of BCOS. “Dr Burrows was very informative and really took the time to answer all of my questions,” says David. Now in his recovery process and PT, David reports being extremely satisfied with his decision: “I received exceptional care throughout the entire experience.”

How Same-Day Total Knee Replacement Works

If your knee has sustained severe damage due to injury or arthritis, performing simple tasks such as walking or using the stairs can be extremely difficult and painful. Sometimes, pain can occur even when you are doing nothing at all.

When nonsurgical treatments such as support devices and medications are no longer effective, then total knee replacement surgery is an appropriate option. Due to the advancements of modern medicine and improvements in surgical techniques and materials, total knee replacements are now considered one of the most successful medical procedures.

An exciting new development with total knee replacement is the advent of same-day, minimally-invasive total knee surgery. Until recently, all replacement surgeries required a several day stay in a hospital, and often a week or two in a rehab facility.

Today, most surgeries are done with a one night stay, and many are now being performed as an outpatient procedure with no hospitalization. In combination with spinal anesthesia, peripheral (adductor canal) nerve blocks and multimodal postoperative pain management, these protocols have significantly reduced the need for general anesthesia and narcotic medications. Improved pain management and avoiding the side effects of narcotic medication can result in rapid recovery. Once the surgery is complete, patients are out of bed and walking within an hour or two.

Having performed thousands of total joint replacements, the surgeons at BCOS know that there’s no place like home for post-surgical recovery!

If you are interested in same-day total knee replacement in Pennsylvania, contact Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists today.


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