Dr. Butler Contributes to Latest Interventional Pain Management Textbook

Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists would like to extend sincere congratulations to our very own Sean Butler, D.O. on the publication of the second and newest edition of the Atlas of Image-Guided Spinal Procedures, for which he was a reviewer. The Atlas provides a comprehensive and definitive guide to interventional spine procedures for pain management that orthopedic and rehabilitative specialists should know. Dr. Butler was a key reviewer for the first edition of the textbook, contributing his expertise by editing, commenting, and reviewing the diagrams, charts, and images included within. Given his involvement with the first edition and his extensive experience base as a leading practitioner, he was a preferred resource for insight and knowledge contribution to the second edition.

Widely used nationally and internationally, the Atlas is the go-to textbook of choice among leading fellowships for interventional pain management and spinal procedures. The book distinguishes itself with its highly visual format that provides detailed guidance for how to safely perform each procedure. At almost double the length of the original, this new edition significantly expands the authoritative body of knowledge about a variety of new techniques for pain management.

When asked about the textbook and his role as a reviewer, Dr. Butler said, “It was an honor to be asked to review the textbook once again. […] Having utilized these techniques [discussed in the Atlas] for many years, I was happy to contribute my expertise to this important textbook, which will help to train the next generation of interventional pain specialists.”

The Ever-Improving Practices of Interventional Pain Management

The most noticeable addition to the Atlas was on ultrasound guided techniques. While ultrasound has been used for many years for interventional pain management — and have been used by leading physiatrists like Dr. Butler, who trained with Dr. Michael Furman, primary editor of the Atlas — the textbook has helped standardize the practices so that they can be replicated more easily and safely by more physicians around the world. Indeed, the underlying purpose of the textbook is the improvement of preexisting treatments and the introduction of new techniques.

Another new interventional pain management technique that is gaining in practice is image-guided injections, which can be conducted using ultrasound or x-ray. Imagine-guided injections are commonly used for pain in the back, neck, and joints, including the knees, hips, and shoulders. The Atlas focuses on image-guided techniques for spinal injections in particular, which are Dr. Butler’s specialty.

Image-guided injections can help alleviate pain caused by a variety of sources, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Herniated discus
  • Tendinopathy
  • Spinal stenosis

Benefits of using image-guidance for injections are:

  • Improves accuracy and efficacy of the injection
  • Pain relieving methods applied directly at the source
  • Patients often report greater comfort during procedures

Dr. Butler has been quoted as saying the following in regards to benefits of image-guided injections: “Patients generally experience significant relief from these injections. They can often delay or even put off surgery as a result of these procedures.”

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