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Shoulder & Elbow Specialists in Bucks County

Our Orthopedic Physicians in Doylestown Offer Superior Care

Did you know that shoulders and elbows are extremely prone to injury? Even the simplest motions require our shoulders and elbows to bend and flex and when your shoulder or elbow is injured, these everyday motions become impossible to make. From athletes to office workers, we all engage in repetitive, and often excessive, use of our shoulder and elbow joints, making injuries common. At Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists, our shoulder and elbow physicians know how difficult it is to live with debilitating pain and we are committed to getting you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

If you experience pain in your shoulder or elbow joints, call our orthopedic physicians today at (215) 600-4714.

Common Shoulder & Elbow Injuries

Our orthopedic physicians in Bucks County specialize in shoulder and elbow injuries and can help you diagnose and treat any shoulder or elbow condition you may have. From arthritis and shoulder instability to muscle tears and fractures, our physicians have seen it all.

We treat all shoulder and elbow injuries, including, but not limited to:

  • Arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Collarbone injuries
  • Dislocation
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Golfer’s Elbow/Tennis Elbow
  • Joint replacement
  • Nerve injury
  • Tendonitis

Regardless of your condition, our experienced shoulder and elbow specialists can provide you with the treatment plan that works best for you and which puts your needs first. To discuss your situation with one of our orthopedic physicians in Doylestown or Warrington, call (215) 600-4714.

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Bucks County

Many people have heard of total hip and knee replacement, but most are not aware that total shoulder replacement is a viable option for alleviating pain and regaining mobility. People with shoulder problems (such as chronic inflammation, arthritis, or other complications that may warrant joint replacement) are also more likely to suffer through the pain than are people who have similar issues in the hips or knees, making shoulder replacements even less common.

At Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists, we provide total joint replacement surgery and solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Dr. Cody is the busiest shoulder replacement surgeon at Doylestown Hospital and has performed more than 60 shoulder replacements in 2018.

Dr. Cody and our other orthopedic surgeons allow our patients to utilize Heal @ Home, an exciting concept that equips and allows patients to heal in the comfort of their own home. Many of our shoulder replacement surgery patients have benefited greatly from the flexibility, comfort, and control they are able to maintain by receiving nursing care and home care in their private residence, rather than in an inpatient facility.

Our patients rave about the positive results and outstanding care they have received from our physicians at Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists. If you are experiencing discomfort and a limited range of motion due to arthritis, inflammation, or other shoulder issues, allow us to help you explore your options and find out if total shoulder replacement is the best option for you.

Patients Who Benefit Most from Total Shoulder Replacement

Patients with shoulder arthritis are typically between the ages of 40 and 70+. In many cases, shoulder arthritis patients exhaust non-invasive treatment methods first, such as anti-inflammatory medicine, Cortisone injections, and physical therapy. Since arthritis is a progressive issue, non-surgical remedies tend to become ineffective over time. Full joint replacement may be the best option at this point.

However, patients with shoulder arthritis need not wait until other remedies are fruitless to begin considering other options. Discomfort, inability to enjoy life, and a problematic reduction in mobility due to a shrinking range of motion are reason enough to pursue total shoulder replacement surgery and begin the discussion with an orthopedic surgeon.

Flexible Treatment Options to Suit Your Needs

Bucks County Orthopedic Specialists offer both non-invasive treatment options as well as innovative orthopedic surgery. Our shoulder and elbow physicians will work with you to diagnose your issue and determine the treatment option that is best for you. We are affiliated with Doylestown Hospital and all of our orthopedic physicians are highly trained and experienced.

Since 1985, we have been committed to providing comprehensive care that makes you our top priority. With two convenient locations in Warrington and Doylestown, you can now make appointments on nights and weekends because life doesn’t just happen from 9 to 5. We even have same-day appointments available.

Don’t let your shoulder or elbow injury disrupt your life. Discuss your treatment options with our Bucks County orthopedic physicians today. Call (215) 600-4714.

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